January 23, 2005

Johnny's Final Signoff

Sadly, Johnny Carson passed away. Scary. He died after suffering for years from emphysema. I wonder if he quit and still came down with it anyway. It's a very scary thought. He was only 79 years old but he had been married four times and had a few kids. So, that's not so bad.

I loved Johnny Carson's show and was sorry when Jay Leno took over the show because I can't stand Leno. I had serious crush on Carson in the 80's. He could no wrong. I thought he was sexy and something about his monologues made me feel at ease. I dreamt of him often - more as a father figure than a lover.

I remember when his line of clothing came out, feeling sorry that I could never be a man who could dress like him. He was a good dresser. He was a class act. Good timing, good jokes, good natured.

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