January 15, 2005

Tracker Envy

I was just looking at Extreme Tracking for some other websites. If someone has a public tracker, you can do that. I shouldn't have because I just saw someone who has been getting over 1,000 hits a day. The most I've pulled in lately is 47.

I shouldn't have done that. Now I am pea green with envy. Why don't all those people visit my weblog? What about me? Doesn't anyone love me? What about my life? Does that mean everything I write about my life is invalid, that no one cares? Do I really have to take a position on something and then write about and defend it? I guess so.

The above is certainly an exaggeration but those thoughts do occur to me when I see how successful some people are with their blogs. But I also noticed that those people who risk writing about things they feel strongly seem to get the higher response.

This could be the beginning of something new here at Gen X Misanthrope. I might actually start talking about issues again.

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