January 24, 2005

Johnny Carson - Urban Legend

Tonight Show Fact # 281
After 30 years, rumors surrounding certain Tonight Show guests have grown to near mythic proportions. One of the most famous involves Mrs. Arnold Palmer, the legendary golfer?s wife and a question about what she does to bring her husband luck on the links. To this day fans of the show not only repeat her answer, (?I kiss his balls.?) but also Johnny?s quick-witted comeback (?I bet that makes his putter stand up.?) However, the truth is that the exchange never took place as Mrs. Palmer was never a guest on the show.

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jim laws said...

Mrs. Palmer came on the show to substitute for her husband. Johnny asked her if she did anything special to bring her husband luck before a big tournament. She replied " I kiss his balls." Johnny waited a few seconds then blurted out "I bet that makes his putter flutter"

The show goes to a commercial. When we return, Mrs. Palmer is gone and there is no mention of the incident.