January 16, 2005

Saturday in the City

As promised, I went to Toys R Us in Times Square to shop for a gift for my nephew. Indeed the store is fantastic but I was not able to find a gift that pleased me or that I thought would please my nephew.

Toys R Us is the happiest place in the world. Candy Land is my favorite section. It is the most colorful, funnest place with the bestest decorations. Here Jon and I take turns posing with this enormous weird purple thing.

It took a lot of willpower not to purchase any candy at all. Look at this wonderful and happy lollipop display. It's almost irresistable.

I went shopping down in Chelsea for my nephew's gift and ultimately found some cute outfits at Children's Place and Old Navy. I wasn't ready to go home yet so I walked around taking pictures. I walked by a store that sells framed miniature jars and one that used a dogaquin in it's display.

I was home by 4pm. I took a lot of fun shots down at Union Square but my favorite is the one I shot right outside our apartment building. I took a chance and shot right into the sign. Amazingly, I did not go blind, although I did have trouble seeing past a big bright spot for 2 minutes or so.

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