January 11, 2005

Tuesday Night Trivia

After a fourth day at my new work place which will remain descriptionless for ever more, or until I've decided to leave, I joined Caren at the Baggot Inn for another fun filled night of hosting trivia.

I can't believe how many people showed up. Caren estimated 60 but I think there were at least 500.

Funniest team name - Tuesdays with Morons
Meanest team name - Sumatra Surfing Party (or something like that)
Winningest team with 42.5 points - something about Jennifer finding out that life is the Pitts (get it?)
Second Place team with 45 points - Dibs on Jennifer Aniston

Honestly, there were 18 teams and every other one had a name relating to the break up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. People are just fascinated by this couple.

My best joke was when Caren announced Hanson's Mmmmm Bop as one of the audio round answers, I said that Michael Jackson did a cover called Mmmmm Boys. It's fun when you tell a joke and people actually laugh at it. I tell a successful joke about as often as I win at Scrabble - about 1 in 10.

The coolest thing about trivia tonight was when we ended trivia and the bar completely cleared out. Of course, that wasn't cool for the musical act that followed but it was good for us.

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