January 05, 2005

Tuesday Night Trivia

Last night, I returned to the Baggot Inn to host trivia with the very elegant Barry. We decided to go with an overall internationl theme although we didn't stick to it very strictly. Barry's general knowlege round required the players to have a broad knowlege of world history. It was a good round with the usual distribution of easy, somewhat hard and very hard questions. I focused on current events which are usually pretty international anyway. Then I asked the crowd to list the last 10 monarchs of England including the present one for the top 10 list.

At the break, where we see who's doing what, we discovered that there weren't any tremendously funny answers nor were there any very funny team names. This was proven when we announced the ROUND 1 standings and nobody else laughed at anyone else's team name. It was up to me to break it to the group that there were no funny answers because that's when it's done. . . before the standings are read. I said that because everyone was so earnest and serious about answering correctly, no one really wrote anything jokey so there were no funny answers. I think I offended one team but I wasn't lying. People were pretty serious last night.

The audio and visual rounds went pretty well. Barry provided a challenging audio round of covers done of songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. While I asked people to name the landmark shown on the clue sheet and then name the city it was in. I didn't make it too difficult because I wanted people to have some success after what I knew would be 4 somewhat challenging rounds.

It went pretty well. There was no heckling. People weren't screaming and carrying on and we didn't have to raise our voices while reading out our questions. The winning team scored 43 out 50 points. That was excellent. Of course, this team had 10 members on it which always gives an advantage.

If you're interested in attending trivia with me as a co-host, I'll be working with Caren, one of the founders of Tuesday Night trivia. This will be a special night, because Caren hasn't hosted in a while. It should be very exciting.

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