January 07, 2005

The Anonymous Blogger Yet Again

The Anonymous Blogger has yet again put his foot in his mouth with another glaringly wrong observation about New York women.

In his January 5th post, the Anonymous Blogger says that New York women have an unusual interest in independent films and have no interest in mainstream films. He sites the movie Sideways as an example of a movie NY women would want to see as opposed to a film like Elektra which he considers more mainstream and then acknowledges that this is an extreme example of what he means. You don't even have to link to it. Here is what he wrote!!

Just tell me this: what is it with New York women and independent movies? It seems to be some sort of requirement that if you're a single New York woman, you just LOOOVE independent film. Can't get enough of the stuff. Mainstream movies are the Kryptonite of these women (with rare exception). The prospect of going to the movie Dodgeball, for example, is utterly repugnant to them.I don't like this sort of arrogant, intellectual elitism. It's a typical dating double-standard, too. It's okay for her to say "Let's go see Sideways". But, I can't say "Let's go see Elektra" without being laughed at.There are those who would argue that I'm generalizing, you are correct. I have no doubt that there are single women out there in NYC who would love to see "Elektra". If you can point them out to me, please do.

Why on earth would a man take a woman on a date to a movie like Dodgeball or Elektra? Why would a man expect a smart woman to not want to see a smart film? What kind of man would want to take a woman on a date to a movie that is meant for the male 18 - 35 demographic and then gets upset if she laughs at the idea of it?

I would assume that a smart, almost intellectual man like The Anonymous Blogger would want to date smart, almost intellectual women with some taste and some appreciation for the finer movie choices out there. I'm not saying that a movie like Sideways is the ideal choice for a date but certainly a more datelike movie is expected in a situation such as a date. (having seen Sideways, by the way, I can suggest it as the perfect date movie for smarter couples)

It's not a good idea to bring a woman to see a movie starring a woman considered to be ideal by men. Clearly the ELEKTRA film was created for the sole purpose of exploiting Jennifer Garner's beauty. I could almost guarantee just from watching the commercials that the story is weak at best but has amazing special effects and camera work featuring her dressed in tight, shiny leather. There probably isn't too much to the film beyond a weak revenge/protect the innocent plot that a smart 12 year old could see through or get bored with or predict the ending of. That's just stupid and in bad taste.

Men. You can't have it both ways. You either have smart woman with smart taste or a dumb woman with bad taste. You can't have both a smart woman with bad taste or vise versa. They don't exist.

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