January 10, 2005

Sunday Sundae

Sunday, I accompanied Sarah to an openhouse on Bleeker because she is shopping for an apartment. The building was nice and clean with a doorman that doubles as a security guard. And what a view she would have looking uptown. There were three rooms plus a bathroom. If it we had been looking for me, I would say that the bathroom was a bit small and needed a window. I don't like bathrooms without windows. There is something very confining about that. The kitchen was also a bit small for my taste. But that's just me.

Part of yesterday's plan involved eating brunch at NOHO Star - a very nice neighborhood eastside eating estasblishment north of Houston Street. We both ordered the Mexican style breakfast which we devoured as if we had just emerged from a 2 day fast in the desert but when it came to our dessert we savored every bite. Can you blame us? We ordered the butterscotch sundae. One scoop of maple ice cream, one scoop of vanilla plus hot butterscotch equal a dessert worthy of kings and queens. Perhaps, I am going on just a little bit too much but Saturday night's reading has mbe all inspired to be a writer and shit.

After lunch, I spontaneously decided to join Sarah at the movies. We saw White Noise. It was very bad but should be remembered for future episodes of Mystery Science Theater if MST's producer's every try to revive the show. I was pretty tuckered out after all that, mostly because I wokeup abnormally early. So when I got home, I took a nap. Jon snapped this shot while I was trying to transition from asleep to awake in the living room. I did want to rest up because later that night we intended to visit with our friend for his birthday which we did and we took him to my new favorite restaurant GOWASABI in Astoria which I believe I have written about at length. During dinner, we were treated to live jazz guitar, a regularly scheduled Sunday dinner happening at the restaurant. It was fun to eat a Korean dish in a Japanese restaurant while listening to American jazz. Isn't New York great?

And of course, what evening would be complete in our household without a game of Scrabble? Jon won this one. 436 points to my 228. Ouch.

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