January 30, 2005

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Last Sunday Jon and I were frolicking in Central Park playing in the newly fallen snow, checking out the new Time Warner Center (see right) and taking pictures for our memory files. This Sunday is completely different. Now that the snow is completely yucky and gross the last place I want to be is outside. Besides, I pinched my lower back this morning using the leg press and I don't want to leave the house for fear of throwing out my back. Working out at 37 is much different from working out at 23. When I was younger, I could do anything without worrying about hurting myself. Now, I have to be a little bit more careful. It doesn't make me sad or anything. It's just one of those realities of getting older that is better to except than to fight. One must know and respect his/her limitations. Even with the tightness in my back, this morning's workout was the best one so far. I feel very relaxed at ease right now. I really like how I feel. Sometimes when I workout, I feel aggressive and angry. Does that happen to anyone else?

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