January 27, 2005

Trivia - Two Days Later

Sorry. I just didnt' have much of a chance to write about trivia yesterday.

Round 1
General Knowlege
I looked to the Presidential Inauguration as inspiration for the General Knowlege round. I also looked to my kitchen wall where Curious George looks playfully down on our table. Every question had to do with George. There was a question about Phyllis George, where I asked in which state she was the first lady. There was a question about when King George II stood up during a performance of George Freidrich Handel's Messiah. There was question where you had to finish a lyric for the song Georgia by Ray Charles. You get the idea.

Round 2
Current Events
I introduced Jon with a poor impersonation of Ed McMahon introducing Johnny on the Tonight Show. Jon focused his Current Events round on one current event by making the round a tribute to the recently deceased Johnny Carson.

Round 3
Top Ten
We asked for the TOP TEN Oscar nominated films as announced that morning.

Round 4
Audio Round
All the acts/bands had 4 letters in their names. We asked for the name of the band/act and the title of the song sung. 1 point was awarded for the band name, 1/2 for song title.

Round 5
Visual Round
Jon put together a beautiful round. He went up to the Bronx and shot busts of famous Americans at the original Hall of Fame, then he wrote clues under each picture. The task was to the name the famous American. People did pretty well on that round. We were pleased.

The winning team had 45 points or so, 10 points ahead of second. For those of you have been coming for a while, ENEMIES OF ELOISE finally finished in the money, coming third.

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