January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!

2005 arrived quietly chez Jon & Valerie. I roasted a nice duck for dinner and was joined by three friends. The duck was yummy as was the stuffing and the accompanying salad. I made a special blackberry vinaigrette which I've never made before. It's amazing. You can take the same basic recipes and alter them into hundreds of different ones. I started out the evening strong and in pretty good shape. Jon and our guests ended up outlasting me - pajamas were on by 2:45 am; asleep minutes later. I'm recovering now, watching the Twilight Zone - nursing the duck soup I made last night from the carcass of our delicious repast.

Photos from Last Night

Here is a picture I took of my freshly scrubbed self before the party,
after the food was ready, after manically cleaning the house.

Here we are at the beginning of the party, toasting to each other's health.

It was long after, that I started seeing double, no really.

Here is how I looked during the party.

Jon and Tony brought in the New Year with a kiss.

Here is evidence of our festivities.

At some point I started seeing ghosts and other people started fading fast.

This is evidence that we were indeed laughing and having fun.

Here is how I looked by the end of the evening.

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