January 19, 2005


Last night Fox premiered the new season of American Idol to an audience of 54 million people. I was one of those millions. I just like the show. I know it's not especially nice to laugh at people when they are being so brave but I guess that's part of what makes me laugh. It's kind of like watching David Brent making all his awkward guffaws on The Office. It's painful to watch but somehow you can relate. Even through the discomfort of everyone involved, you can see the realness of these poor auditioners and there is something positive about that. It's important that people are told in an honest way that they are not capable of pursuing their unrealistic dreams. As sad as this is, these people are getting a reality check that sometimes comes to people too late in life.

Hopefully those candidates that were turned away by Simon's scowling criticism will realize what a gift it is he gave them. If you plan to pursue something as difficult as a POP SINGING career it's important to find out early on where your talents lie. If you can't sing, you can always do something else, but it takes years of training. The earlier you start learning those skills the better. And who knows, maybe you'll be able to make not only your dreams come true one day, but somebody else's.

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