January 23, 2005

Blizzard 2005

Jon and I spent the afternoon outside to see what kind of trouble we could get into. We didn't get into any trouble at all. But we did take a lot of pictures and we did get cold. My legs are still warming up and we've been indoors for two or more hours.

Here are the obligatory "look how much snow fell" shots.

Around1:30 the sidewalks were pretty much cleaner than the streets. We worked our way through the mush and slush. We took the subway to Central Park South. Here are some shots from Central Park.

After my toes started to go numb we went to the Time Warner Center where we ran into Uncle Sam. He was working the lobby on behalf of some benefit antique show. He wanted us to spend $15 per person just to look at antiques, so we went down to the Whole Food Markets instead.

There we finally used a gift certificate given to us by our friends for the holidays. What did we buy? Ostrich meat, lime shrimp and mesclun salad with goat cheese. Last night I prepared this delicious sauce and served it over Barilla farfalle. We'll be eating the left overs with the shrimp and salad. I'm saving the ostrich meat for another night. If we don't eat the leftovers now, they'll never get eaten and I hate throwing away food.

We waited 35 minutes for an N train to bring us back to Queens. Then at Queensboro Plaza there was another delay. They announced the delay was because of a scheduling situation but they were really waiting for the 7 train for the transfer. But we finally made it home.

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