January 07, 2005

Friday Night

Friday night. Just got paid. I did a couple of days of temp work that made me feel great!!!

Wish me luck because it could lead to something grand and unexpected. I'm going back on Monday for more. I don't want to say what it is yet for all the superstitious reasons people don't reveal their hands.

Wish me well, that I don't come down with the flu. It's going on all around me and so far nothing but who knows how long my luck will hold. I'm in the throes of a headache right now that I'm attributing to eye strain but that could be denial talking.

Right now, I'm taking a rest. I'm watching the Simpsons, the episode where they get a pool, Bart breaks his leg and Lisa becomes the most popular girl in the world. There are many classic moments in this episode. . . like the tribute to those Esther Williams swimming sequences from films of old; a look at a b/w episode of Klassic Krusty where he interviews the head of the AFL-CIO; where Bart grows mad from his isolation in a tribute to Hitchcock's Rear Window, one of many Hitchcock tributes done by the creators of the Simpsons.

Tomorrow night, I'm hoping to go to a reading downtown. It'll be nice to get out. Haven't been out since Tuesday night.

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