February 27, 2006

Flavor of Love - Meet the Parents

(To see who Flav chose and for a complete recap of the final episode click here)

As mentioned previously, the main focus of Episode 8 was for Flavor to meet the parents of the three remaining contestants. Hoopz and Pumkin both had parents that seemed pretty real. New York?s parents seemed incompatible and may have even been actors hired by New York to play her parents.

The first one up was Pumkin, aka Brooke whose mother resembled how Brooke may look 23 years from now. Although she was friendly and polite to Flav, you could tell she wasn't entirely proud of her daughter. They all seemed to get along very well at the beauty salon where Flav treated the mother/daughter team to manicures and pedicures. There was a little tension and some obvious embarrassment being emoted which is probably why Brooke's mom sabotaged her by telling Flav how much Brooke likes to appear on game shows and reality shows. When Brooke's mom let that slip, you could see that Flav was disappointed and later in the show, it was the reason he cited for not choosing her. Apparently, in a previous episode she had a chance to come clean about appearing on Blind Date, when it was discovered another contestant had appeared on that show.

Nicole Alexander aka Hoopz went with Flav and her mom to medieval Times - the restaurant where you eat with your hands and watch people joust like knights. Flav wore his most ridiculous outfit on this outing - crown, robe and scepter. During their meal, one of the wait staff approached Flav and informed him that he was to be knighted - which he was - Sir Flav-A-Lot. In the car on the way home, Nicole's mother was flirting with Flav. You could tell from Nicole's comments and her demeanor that her mother does this a lot - going after Nicole's boyfriends. But it helped to make a good impression on Flav and is probably the reason why Hoopz was the first one chosen to get a clock in the elimination ceremony.

Perhaps the most interesting parental encounter was when Flav met the parents of the woman known as New York. Her real name is Tiffany Patterson. Through out the previous 7 episodes of Flavor of Love you could tell that there is something not quite right about Tiffany Patterson. Every episode she becomes increasingly jealous of the other women vying for Flav's affections. Every episode she declares herself the only one for Flav with absolute confidence and every episode she confesses to the television audience that her bags are packed because she's not sure in what direction Flav's heart is pointing.

I wasn't surprised to see her mother acting hostile toward New York. Tiffany behaves like someone who hasn't gotten enough love from the people who take care of her. Throughout their visit, Mrs. Patterson was picking at Tiffany's appearance and taste in men, not giving a flying f*** whether or not she embarrassed her needy and desperate daughter. She walked through Flav's house and criticized his taste in art (which really does need criticizing).

Flav tried to impress her uptight parents. Although he planned a tennis outing to get on their good side, it didn't work. His outfit was too much for Tiffanny's mother. Actually, his outfit was pretty awful. A do-rag, baggy tennis whites and a freakin' clock. While Tiffany was sitting with her mother, her mother couldn't stop trashing Flav. She told Tiffany under no circumstances was she to marry Flav.

While Tiffany's mother was torturing her with derisive put downs, Flav and her father played tennis - a game that Flav had never before played. The two of them got along fine.

Tiffany was very upset by the end of the visit and her mother succeeded in driving her further into his arms.

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