February 11, 2006

Subway Offensive

Sometimes I write about how upset I get at other people's behavior in the subway. It's not just because I feel like a misanthrope a lot of the time when around strangers. People do really behave badly. And I'm sure most don't even know when they are participating in very bad behavior.

The N/R/W subway line was running slowly this week so I had ample opportunity to photography my fellow riders. This woman wins the award for most offensive subway behavior. Note her body position. She is sitting on an angle so her shoulder is actually taking space from the woman to her left. Her bags are everywhere.

Her knapsack is again invading the space of the woman on her left. Her shopping bag is hanging so far to the right that the man to her right has to shift his knees uncomfortably to keep from getting hit. Her coffee looks like it could spell at any moment. And she's reading so she can pretend to be oblivious to her obnoxious subway etiquette. I'm just glad I wasn't sitting next to her. I would have said excuse enough times to get her to put that book away, put her bags on the floor and sit in an upright, space conserving position.

Maybe some of you laugh at my entries about the rude behavior of NYC subway riders but it's not funny. This rude behavior lends to a poor quality of life experienced by those of who have to use the subway to get to and from work. It's tiring to always have to sit in a crooked position to accomodate the rude f***ers who think they are invisible and can't be seen or felt by those around them.

Won't you help in my campaign for better subway etiquette? Please be considerate of the people sitting around you.

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