February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine´s Day from Reykjavik

Happy Valentine´s Day!!

Jon and I finally made it to Reykjavik yesterday, 6 hours later than originally scheduled.

While we are so happy our flight wasn´t cancelled, due to snowy conditions at the airport, only one runway was open - meaning we idled on the runway for about 5 hours before taking off. There were so many planes waiting to land that we had to wait for them to land before we could leave. So, the planes were alternated - two or three would land and then two would take off.

But that´s okay. . .because our plane did leave and we arrived to mild weather. It´s not that cold here. As a matter of fact, I learned from one of the residents that it hasn´t snowed here in five years - except for the mountains.

The first thing we did was get something to eat because we were starving. We found a quaint vegetarian restaurant with three items on the menu - all good.

Then I took a nap while Jon went to the Icelandic tourist center to pick up our tourist cards. With those we have unlimited access to museum, the busses, the municipal pools. While I was napping Jon also visited the Culture House which houses the oldest manuscripts on Iceland and he spoke with someone who could trace their ancestry back to the beginning of Iceland´s history. Turns out, because the population is small (about 290,000) that almost everyone here can trace their family back to the roots. The geneologies are old and constant.

In the evening we went to Laugardalslaug and enjoyed the municipal outdoor geothermally heated pools. It was pretty cool. Yes. We were outside in our bathing suits in freezing cold weather yet once you entered that water, you were in good shape.

Today we´re taking a tour of part of the Ring Road. It should be exciting - full of beautiful volcanicly formed landscapes, waterfalls and geysers.

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