February 22, 2006

Paris Bennett is the Next American Idol

I've spent some time here talking about Kellie Pickler because she impresses me. Her life has been hard and yet somehow she has remained strong enough to keep her self-esteem in tact, so much so, that not only is she competing on American Idol but has already done a circuit of talent shows and beauty contests to help get ahead in entertainment - or so I've read. Who even knows if what I read is accurate? But if what I read is true, she is a special person who knows the meaning of hard work and deserves a shot at Idolhood as much as anyone else who made it through.

But I don't think she's going to win. She'll make it to the final 6, but she's not going to win.

Paris Bennett will win. At 17 years old, her natural talent and obvious training put her in front of everyone else. She is going to win on the basis of her young and bubbly personality and sheer talent. I can tell you right now that she is going to be the judge's favorite because two of the three judges (Simon and Randy) recognize, reward and celebrate talent and training.

She'll get lots of votes because she's that good. Kids will relate to her more so than Pickler whose life has been hard beyond an average teenager's comprehension - an absentee mother and convicted drug addict father, practically an orphan, she was raised by her grandparetns.

Paris Bennett seems like a regular teenager, oozing with talent, but still a regular kid.

So there you have it. Paris Bennett is going to be this year's American Idol.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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