February 22, 2006

American Idol - The Boys

Night 2 of American Idol.

12 male singers competed for America's votes. 11 were good.

One stood out as just plain bad.

Bobby Bennett sang Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow and somehow screwed it up. This is a song that people know note for note yet somehow he missed every note. When Simon Cowell dared to express the opinion that Bobby's performance was no good, he got some shit for it. Randy and Paula gave him a hard time and Seacrest demanded that Simon give Bobby constructive criticism but he didn't. He said that it would require a longer conversation than he had time for to set Bobby Bennett straight. You may not like everything Simon says but you have to admire him for sticking by what he says.

I agree that Simon could go a little easier on the contestants but if you're on American Idol: Season 5, you know by now that he is very hard to impress. That's what makes his compliments so amazing.

He told Elliot Yamin that he had the best voice of all the guys who have competed on the show to date. That means something. It's not fair when there are people on the show who are really great for the judges to treat everybody the same, especially when they have raw natural talent like Elliot (right) and the next American Idol, Paris Bennett (see previous post).

My prediction is that the final two standing will be Taylor Hicks and Paris Bennett

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