February 27, 2006

Flavor of Love - New York v. Pumkin

Before you say anything, I already know that Pumkin is spelled incorrectly but that's how the producer's of Flavor of Love decided to spell her nickname - most likely for the sake of cuteness.

But Ms. Pumkin wasn't acting all that cute in last night's episode. Pumkin (whose real name is Brooke) was not one of the final two to receive a clock and immediately after being eliminated called out the crazy woman named New York. This led to a heated face-in-face argument which culminated with Pumkin spitting at New York. She spit at New York. Spit at her. Spit. Yuck!! And the producer's totally got into it by adding sound effects like roaring and whimpering when New York lunged at Pumkin grabbing at her hair and then finally pushing her into a nearby camera. Pumkin ran out but Flav stopped New York from chasing after her and "whooping her bleep".

Moments before this big confrontation, Flav told Pumkin (Brooke) that she was being eliminated because she didn't tell him about her time spent in front of the cameras on Blind Date and several other shows on which she'd appeared. He found out about her TV appearances in the worst possible way. The hook of last night's episode - Flav met the parents of the remaining contestants. At the end of Pumkin's time, Flav asked Brooke's mother how she felt about her daughter doing a show like Flavor of Love and her mother replied that she was used to it by now because of all the shows her daughter's been on.

So, when she was eliminated Flavor Flav said he wasn't looking for someone who is fake. When Brooke heard that, she yelled something about New York being an actress and called her out as the ultimate fake which led to the argument which led to the spitting which led to the pushing which led to the dramatic momentum that carried through the rest of the show.

But New York was really egging her on. . .she kept saying "BYE BYE PUMKIN. JUST KEEP WALKING PUMKIN." in an antogonizing and F*** you kind of way. Pumkin was pushed into a confrontation because New York was behaving like a sore winner in a display of very poor sportsmanship.

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