February 23, 2006

Morning Commute - NYC

This morning's commute was long and tedious - as usual.

I stood on the platform and let a train pass for being too crowded, then waited 10 more minutes for an emptier car. While I was waiting the platform filled up again and I realized that I'd just better get on the next train no matter how many people were piled on to the platform with me.

When my W train stopped to open its doors for me and the other waiting passengers, a man of both tall and wide stature was standing in the path of the oncoming foot traffic. After two seconds, this big oaf realized his enormous body was preventing the ebb and flow of disgruntled commuters and he moved out of the way. We piled on in a collective sigh.

A quick scan of the car revealed that the empty seats that I'd seen through the door before entering the train were quicly filled by my more aggressive co-travellers so I latched on to a nearby pole with my free hand and with the other sipped my coffee. Looking around the train, I spotted a creature I see practically every morning - a woman putting on makeup. I am always amazed by this behavior and once I've spotted a woman doing this, I can usually be caught staring at her unblinkingly.

I couldn't stop watching. The train was going from station to station, shaking and lurking back and forth. With a steady hand she curled her eyelashes with one of those strange contraptions that look similar to scissors. With all the movement from the train, I thought for sure she was going to yank out all of her lashes, but she didn't. She held firm and curled them expertly. I thought for sure the mascara was going to end up all of her face but she held that mascara wand firmly and lengthened her lashes with ease. She then applied blush and eye shadow.

It was fascinating.

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