February 12, 2006

Blizzard 2006

We all now how excited weather forecasters get when there's even a suggestion of drama in the weather, which is why I always listen to weather forecasts with a healthy dose of skepticism. Well imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and the predictions of a blizzard were not false. This is the view from our kitchen window.

Our first concern was whether or not our flight was still on for Iceland. We won't know that until around 3pm. My cousin Sandra (maid of honor at our wedding) called me while we were searching for any information at all on our flight. She suggested that we call our car service to make sure they have a car available. When I did I found out they are closed. Panic set in. How were we going to get the airport?

Not to worry. We called SKYLINE (Gotham Limousine service) and arranged a car. Whew. They are my new favorite people. We booked that baby 3 hours in advance. And I've used them before. They are as reliable as the Pope's stance against birth control.

We have an evening flight so we're pretty sure that there should be no problems - maybe only a slight delay. Posted by Picasa

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