February 25, 2006

South Dakota Blues

The Roe v. Wade decision took a kick in the nuts this week as South Dakota legislators voted YES, ALL THUMBS UP against all kinds of abortions, except for the ones performed as an emergency measure to save a woman's life. We knew this was going to happen. The recent appointments of Alito and Roberts to the Supreme Court gives pro-lifers hope that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. State by state the decision is going to be overturned until 10 years from now, the Supreme Court will be faced to decide again on whether or not it is within a woman's rights to choose what she wants to do with her body.

It seems like I'm tying together a lot of different ideas. I guess I understand what's going on better than I can explain it.

The South Dakota courts make exception for women who need abortions to save their lives. But how do you define what saves a life? A 14-year-old whose parents consent to let her have an abortion because they want her to have a shot at future personal and academic success could have her life if she has that abortion. A single woman in her 40's who became pregnant as a result of a violent rape could benefit greatly from not having to deal with the birth of a constant reminder of something she wants to forget. A young couple in their 20's, just starting out shouldn't have to be burdened with something they cant' afford and are not ready for.

And what about the children born into situations where the parents either aren't ready or don't want them. Advocates who speak out against abortion say that child abuse should not be blamed on children being born into shitty situations. Granted I'm simplifying their argument but hey. . .that's how I understand it.

There are not enough good people in the world to adopt and care for the unwanted children that will be forced to live in cruel circumstances as a result of a complete ban on abortion.

Oh . . . and don't get me started on the safety issue. Women will be forced to use unconventional and medically unsound alternatives to carrying an unwanted child to term. Suicide. Dirty doctors. Poisoning themselves with homeopathic medicines meant to induce "spontaneous abortions."

And then there is the class issue. Rich women who could afford to go to countries where abortion is not illegal and still safe will fly off to get their procedures while poor and middle class women will have to use the methods described above.

Argh. What is wrong with the pro-lifers? I am pro-life and pro-abortion so there. I believe in quality of life and helping others to improve the quality of their lives. And sometimes an abortion can do that.

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