February 19, 2006

Flavor of Love

It was a complete surprise when Flavor Flav chose New York over Goldie in tonight's elimination ceremony. Of all the contestants, Goldie was the closest to being a genuine person. She seemed like the woman who was behaving the most as herself. She's not a stripper, model or actress and being on the show seemed to come second to being chosen by Flav as the last Hoe standing.

I was surprised because the woman he chose instead of her, New York, comes off as being very unstable and not very pleasant. She refers to Flav as "my man" and claims to already be in love with him.

In the previous episode, Brigitte Nielsen (in an attempt to squeeze the last drops of exposure out of her weird comeback thanks to VH1's Celebreality programming), gave the 6 remaining women a lie detector test to help Flav figure out who is and isn't being honest with him. Goldie was the only one who finished as 100% honest. The others all lied about something. Now, I know that's not really an indicator of anything, except to help make my point that Goldie was a genuine and real person.

She also happens to be the heaviest of all the contestants and the least polished when it comes to personal presentation. I don't hold either of those points against her, in fact, I appreciate her realness - her Mother Earth qualities. But I also know how men are.

I was hopeful when in tonight's episode Flav chose Goldie over New York to join him in an overnight one-on-one date that he might actually be looking to choose someone for their personality over their looks.

But the fact that he chose the easy-to- look at but difficult-to-tolerate New York over the sweet down-to- earth Goldie proves a point that I made when I first started writing about this show; that Flavor Flav is not really interested in finding a woman to settle down with but just to fuck around with.

With that thought in mind, he probably did Goldie a favor because as much fun as she is, she is the marrying kind more than any other contestant on that show and doesn't deserve to be led around for a month just to be dumped in favor of Flavor Flav's next flavor of the month.

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