February 05, 2006

Extra Large Super Bowl

Madden is commenting colorfully on Super Bowl XL. Just before the end of the third quarter he started repeating the word Bootleg over and over and over again to communicate to us the plays being used by Seattle. The other phrase he kept repeating was Gadget Play. I wonder if he's taking medicine for this disorder which I'll call Color Commentary Repetition Syndrome.

Yes. Jon, my husband, and I are watching Super Bowl XL and it's quite an exciting game. It seems like the referees are favoring Pittsburgh. One of Pittsburgh's players ran 75 yards on an intercepted pass breaking some kind of record. Don't ask me which one - I only know enough about football to enjoy a game without actually knowing the statistics.

The commercials - well a few stand out. I always like the CareerBuilder.com commercials because they use chimpanzees in comical situations so tonight was no different. CareerBuilder.com's first commercial was my favorite. Chimpanzees dressed as office workers are having a celebration because sales are up or so they think. The human employee stops the celebration to point out that their sales graph is sideways and that indeed sales were down. When he does the that, the camera cuts to the boss monkey who is lighting his cigar with dollar bills. That's just funny. Then another monkey turns the chart around so they can continue their celebration. In the second, the guy tells a woman on the phone that he works for a bunch of monkeys. She replies, "That's okay. I work for a bunch of jack asses." Cut to her and a long shot of the office reveals that indeed, she is working with donkeys dressed as office employees. That's good stuff. No one uses chimpanzees anymore. No one. I applaud CareerBuilder.com for using chimpanzees dressed as people.

The only other commercial I liked was the one for Budweiser featuring the Clydesdale horses. In this commercial, a Clydesdale colt is looking in his parent's barn at their accomplishments as being part of the Budweiser Clydesdale team. He is inspired to take the reigns and start pulling the Budweiser cart on his own. At first he can't do it and then all of a sudden the cart budges and the camera reveals that his proud Clydesdale parents are secretly pushing the cart from behind. I found that one very touching.

The commercials that bored me were the movie promos (yawn); and the other Budweiser commercials (blah).

However the one for the new Hummer was just disturbing. In it, a giant robot and a giant monster stop their city wide distruction to fall in love and have a baby. The baby they produce is the new Hummer 3 - the little monster. Very disturbing.

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