February 28, 2006

American Idol - 10 Women

I took notes so I'm a little more organized this week. I offer a break down of the show contestant by contestant. Aside from a couple of standouts, the judges consistently said the women chose the wrong songs.

Catherine McPhee - good training, nice voice, decent performance. Good enough to keep her in the competition.

Kinnik Sky - She sang a country song, dressed like a cowgirl. Eh. I predict she'll be the 8th one eliminated after making it to the final 12. She'll probably have a good career as a backup singer. On the plus side, she is very pretty and her first name is a palindrome.

Lisa Tucker - the judges can't believe she's 16 years old. I do. She's been performing since she's a kid so it's not surprising that when she sings she sounds very polished. She's an excellent performer and will make it to the final four.

Melissa McGhee - she brought it. She was great. She sang a Reba McIntyre song about phones or something but she did it well. I'm not the biggest country music fan. If anyone can beat Paris Bennett, it's Ms. McGhee.

Heather Cox - she sang a Mariah Carey song and didn't do such a great job. I think she might be a little bit crazy. She may be going home Thursday night.

Brenna Gethers - what was she thinking? She sang a terrible arrangement of Last Dance and didn't even come close to sounding anything like Donna Sommers. She's yet another singer, who sang a song because she it was something she enjoyed singing as a little girl. For something who has been singing since a young age, she sure did suck. If you've been singing since you're a little girl, you should sound like Paris or Lisa Tucker. I think she maybe the other one going home tomorrow night.

Paris Bennett - she hammed it up a little bit and sang Wind Beneath My Wings. It was a truly boring performance. What is this? Star Search? She made a bad song choice and that's what the judges told her. She won't make that mistake again. I still predict she'll win.

Ayla - the Senator's daughter with the basketball scholarship and great pipes. I missed that performance because I had to tape the opening of the Amazing Race for someone. I don't really feel like I missed anything because I'm not really a fan of hers. No offense Ayla. I went to High School with 10 girls like you in the '80's and I'm not that into the over-achieving off-spring of workaholic politicians.

Kelly Pickler - Jeez Louise. I've gotten so many hits becuase of this woman - about 100 in 10 minutes. She is SOOOOOO popular and I understand why. She's really sweet. And it's refreshing to see someone who hasn't been polishing their image for the last five years. She is the exact opposite of somone like ACE what's his face, the good looking 25 year old from LA. You could tell all he's been doing since he got to LA is work on his image and he's soooo boring.

She admitted that since being in LA she's tried her first spinach salad, which is amazing. I would think that even in North Carolina, one could find a popular leafy green like spinach - but she's playing the country bumpkin card so I'll let it go for now.

Mandisa - she's a power singer who also picked the wrong song but sang it really well.

All these women with great voices keep playing it safe when all we want them to do is belt one out for us. That's what we want to hear - big voices singing big songs.

If the contestants are googling themselves and come across this site please sing a song for all of us who wish we could sing but can't. I'd love to be able to belt something out - in tune - for that one guy in the back of theater - but I only have a one octave range and I have trouble singing in key.

So belt one out for me next week. Please.

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