March 01, 2006

American Idol - 9 Men and an Almost Man

Okay. Let 's get started.

Taylor Hicks - He opened the show with a luke warm performance of Easy Like a Sunday Morning. He didn't like sound like he knew what he's doing. And this guy's pretty polished so I was really disappointed. Everytime I do a search for this guy on the net, I find a professional photo of him seemingly in concert. Tonight, I learned that he released a CD called "Under the Radar" and listened to a track here. He's wonderful. The track also has parts of an interview he did with WBHM in Alabama. I hope he does better next week because if he phones it in again next week like he did tonight he's not making it through.

Elliot Yamin - He sang that song that they used to play on WBLS 107.5 on Sunday mornings when they signed off after their Sunday Morning Classics show. It was great. I've never heard anybody perform that song and I thought he did a great job. It was very stylized. I voted for him.

Ace Young - Gosh he's pretty but he's so boring. He eased up on that creepy staring thing but he was still pretty boring. What did he sing?

Gedeon McKenney - He finally stopped that insane grinning and did a great job performing A Change is Gonna' Come by Sam Cooke, much better than last week. He did so great, I voted for him. I'd like to hear him try to sing some Al Greene.

Kevin Covais- Yes. He's cute. Yes. He's likable. But guess what! He's a mediocre singer. Kevin and Gedeon are about the same age, yet somehow Gedeon sounds 20 years older when he sings. Kevin's inexperience really showed tonight.

Sway - blech. He is going home tomorrow night.

Will Makar - sang Lady by Kevin Rogers. I don't know who sang it for. He's not even old enough to understand what that song is about. Possibly, his song choice will send him home. He sang it well enough it was just a ridiculous choice. Totally incongruous. Peter Brady look-a-likes shouldn't be singing Kenny Rogers love ballads.

Bucky Covington - I appreciate his effort but I'd be surprised if he makes it to the final 12. He should consider cutting his hair and shaving off his beard. That look doesn't work for him. He can't pull it off. And that country rock thing just doesn't work for me.

David Radford - one word. DIMPLES. That's all I remember - well there's a vague memory of a Frank Sinatra song. I'm the cheese that stands alone whenever I say this, but I just don't understand why everyone gets so excited about Sinatra. People who do tributes to him bore me. He could be going home.

Chris Daughtry - AWESOME. He's really good. He has that ability to scream and sing at the same time and still sound good, an ability I wish I possessed. And he's pretty darn good looking. You could definitely picture him as the charasmatic leader of a some rock group.

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