March 20, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

So. How is your Monday going? Mine is going well - because this is the second to last Monday that I will be working this particular full-time job. This makes me happy.

Saturday I took the long train ride up to Poughkeepsie to meet with our photographer about picking photos for our wedding album. It took 4 hours for Zupcu and I to choose the final 50 images. When you factor the fours of commuting, Saturday was pretty full. In spite of my fatigue, I was able to pull together a nice meal for Jon to enjoy when he got home from work but I was so zonked that I went to sleep at 11 - very exciting for a Saturday night.

Sunday was a little more easy going. Slept in late, sat around, goofed off, went food shopping, took a nap, watched TV, went online . . . you get the idea. The most effort went into uploading a game onto Jon's computer and then playing it for an hour and a half. StarTopia was put out by MuckyFoot productions four or five years ago. It's one of those god-of-your-own-universe games that is endlessly fun and entertaining - you build and develop your own space station. You hire and fire the people that come and go off your station; you build functional and recreational facilities as you see fit; you develop your own penal system to help keep your alien society in check; you raise crops on the biodeck that you can harvest and convert into tradeable goods; etc.

Oh. Okay. That's right. Now I remember why I removed it from my own computer. I may have gotten addicted to it at the expense of eating, sleeping and moving around but I think I can keep my gameplay time under control now, if I just limit myself to one hour intervals.

Now it's Monday and I'm on the threshhold of my final two weeks here. The first thing I did this morning was place on classified ad for this job on Craig's List. Very satisfying.

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