March 22, 2006

American Idol - Was Hopping

Did anyone else noticed that Paula Abdul seemed medicated last night? She was acting a little loopy. Her doctors should really keep an eye on her dosage.
Last night was the obligatory 50's theme night of American Idol. Barry Manilow (who coincidentally just released an album of 50's songs) was the celebrity guest/coach - helping the contestants to arrange their songs and improve their performances. Interestingly enough, all of the arrangements included a key change toward the end of the song true to Mr. Manilow's style of adding key changes at the ends of songs to make them more interesting.

Some of the music of the 50's affords singers an opportunity to really show off their skills and vocal range because a lot of it is really, really hard to sing. Standouts were Mandisa, Parris, Catherine, Elliot and Taylor who Manilow referred to as a "Whisky Tenor" - a perfect description of Taylor's voice, meaning it's raspy and he sings higher than a bass.

Kelly was the bridge between the above brilliant performances and the remaining bad ones. She did a sexy rendition of Walking After Midnight, a Patsy Kline song, but her lack of training was again very apparent. She is a good performer. I'll give her that. The performers who just weren't up to snuff last night were Lisa, Ace and Kevin. Actually those three gave it there all but they were outclassed by everyone else with the exception of Bucky Covington who again sang his whole song out key.

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