March 15, 2006

American Idol - Prediction

My prediction (or rather my wish) is that either Kevin Covais or Bucky Covington will be eliminated tonight.

Last night was the first "REAL BIG" night of American Idol. It's interesting how a show that has been on the air since January could actually only just be starting in the middle of March but that is the genius of the producers of American Idol. Every week there is a new angle. This week's new angle was that last night's competition represented the first time the 12 final contestants are competing for the title of American Idol. Before they were just fighting to get into the final 12 spots.

It seems American Idol really pumped up the production value - better band, back up singers, bigger stage and more lights.

The show started with a bang as Stevie Wonder coached each contestant on singing one of his songs for last night's competition. Stevie Wonder is great but he doesn't fit with everyone's style. The people that didn't perform so "Wonder"fully were Kellie Pickler (boring), Ace Young (off key),Kevin Covais (too lispy and cutesy poo) and Bucky "needs a shave and haircut" Covington (not surprisingly since he isn't a very good singer anyway).

The standouts of the evening were Catherine McPhee, Taylor Hicks, Paris Bennett and Chris Daughtry who rocked it like he's been touring with the Rolling Stones for 50 years. The other people did alright. Mandisa sang too low. Lisa Tucker was too cute. The three others - well, they were okay too.

During Kellie Pickler's critique by the judges, Simon Cowell told her that she looked like she'd been to Dolly Parton University because of how she looked - puffy blond hair, red high heels and a cute little dress. I didn't see it. But when he said you could tell she was crushed while simultaneously not fully understanding what he meant. It was like watching Big Foot clubbing a baby seal. But she is bubbly enough to overcome little slights like this and was joking with Ryan Seacrest only moments later.

Another highlight of the show was when Ryan removed Mandisa's painful shoes before her performance which she sang barefooted. Yuck. But those shoes did look painful.

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