March 28, 2006

Flavor of Love - Reunion Show Postponed

The Flavor of Love Reunion show has been postponed until April 2nd. The last two Sundays I've been disappointed to see Hulk Hogan's show running in its place. The show's been postponed because problems due to editing.

And where did I learn this information? At the website of the infamous Tiffany "New York" Patterson. She's been busy working on her site, keeping her fans updated about all of her comings and goings. In one post she talks about her struggles of being a public figure - with people interrupting her during her workouts for pictures and autographs. As if.

She has a fan site (which I think she probably writes and maintains herself).

But what I find hardest to believe is that Tiffany Patterson is only 23 years old. And I base that on the fact that her bosom sags like someone in her late 20's to early 30's. Those are not 23 year old breasts. On her MY SPACE site - which she copied started several weeks after Pumkin - she listed other interesting facts about herself like she's a Virgo and in a relationship. I guess she knows if you're visiting her site you're not really interested in what she has to say about the war in Iraq because all she writes about is herself and her interest in Flavor Flav.

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