March 10, 2006

American Idol - Final 12

I can't believe the American public chose Bucky Covington over Gedeon. Gedeon was a nice young man - granted he was a little odd but he could really, really sing. Bucky Covington, who has been singing since he's 18 years old, can't sing in key. He doesn't take any pride at all in his appearance. So, if you were to pay $100 a ticket to see Bucky in concert, he would basically look like crap. Gedeon dressed up and dressed well. And Gedeon has clearly been singing since he could talk while Bucky sounds like he's had absolutely no formal training at all.

I'm sorry. You don't deserve to win if you haven't been working on your singing since a young age. It's just not fair.

Look at that picture. Hair - awful. Skin - awful. Face - covered with awful hair. Please Bucky. If you're reading this, please clean up your appearance so I can at least stand watching as you sing out of key.

My biggest hope for this year's competition is that Bucky is not voted the American Idol.

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