March 07, 2006

American Idol - 8 Women Left

I'll just give you the highlights from tonight's installment of American Idol 5.

Mandisa gave the best performance of the night. She's a power singer and she powered out I'm Every Woman. The second best performance was given by Katherine McPhee.

Kinnik Sky, sang her song almost completely sharp and she knew it. In her little film interview, played before her performance she confessed to the viewing audience something we might not know about her. She likes to eat chitterlings (chitlins) and you could say what you want but she gets to eat them once a year and she really loves them. When Simon told her that her performance probably "booked her ticket home" he added that "at least she gets to eat her chicklets". I didn't think there was anything spontaneous about that remark. It sounded like he's made that joke before as a way to look down his nose at Americans and the various influences that make up our culture. I really find it hard to believe that before tonight, he'd never heard the expression chitterlings.

melissaMelissa McGhee sang a Heart song and she sang her little heart out. She took a risk and didn't do such a great job but I voted for her anyway. I really like her. She's one of those contestants that isn't necessarily as talented as others people on the show but really works hard and has earned her skill with lots and lots of practice. But I'm not so sure we'll see her next week. I predict that Kinnik and Melissa will receive the least amount of votes.

In other news, Kellie Pickler tried salmon this week.

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