March 29, 2006

American Idol - Mediocre at Best

Last night's performances were mediocre at best. The American Idol contestants were told to pick songs from 2000 to the present. Instead of picking songs that best showed off their singing ability they generally chose the songs they liked best.

Paris Bennett, Mandisa, Bucky Covington and Taylor Hicks were the only ones who sang in key but Paris seems to have made the best song choice for her voice. Mandisa, Bucky and Taylor chose their favorite songs and sang them well but didn't connect with the judges which caused some negative feedback.

Everyone else was eh.

Kellie Pickler chose a really cute country song but sang it out of tune. The song she sang was exactly the kind of song she'll end up recording but still she caught some flack from from the judges for choosing something gimmicky (Suds in the Bucket) and was backed into an apology corner, repeating she was sorry over and over again for disappointing the judges. If they were paying attention, they would see that she was taking the criticisms very personally and eased up on her a little bit. She was apologizing so much I started feeling bad for her and almost called in to lend my support during the voting. Almost.

Lisa Tucker sang out of tune. I'm not even sure what she was singing because I always seem to be doing housework when she performs. If I'm not already puttering once she's started, I've been finding something else to do. Her parents must be proud of her because she is a brave little performer but I think she's too young for the show and has been turning in mostly robotic mouse-kateer like performances.

Chris Daughtry sang a rock sang like he always does but didn't connect with the judges this time around - probably because not all rock songs are that great. His performance was so mediocre Simon criticized him for being a one-trick pony which completely contradicted his critique from last week when Simon admired him for being a one-trick pony. He told him he should "change it up a bit" in that affected, disconnected, not-so-charming British way he has of bringing contestants back down to earth after they've started getting a little full of themselves. It's a shame he couldn't bring hairy, barefooted Bo Bice back down to earth. Bo Bice is in the center of his own little Bo-niverse which he's created in lieu of actual good music.

Katherine McPhee sang something but again I was busy doing something when she sang. I heard her singing and I heard her singing well but for some reason I just wasn't that interested in her last night. Her prettiness and actual knowledge and application of singing technique and musical theory will get her through most of American Idol but sadly she won't be the winner.

Elliott Yamin had the same effect on me. I'm a fan of his but I wasn't that interested in him last night either.

I think that's everybody.

Oh. I almost forgot the weird, creepy, preternaturally good looking one who stares into the camera like a zombie. Ace Young. So pretty yet so creepy and unable to sing in tune but he won't be in the bottom three. Nope. Not him. He's too Teen Beat Magazine to get voted off this soon.

My predictions for the bottom three tonight are Kevin Covais, Bobby Bennett and Lisa Tucker.

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