March 28, 2006

A Tale of Two Subway Lines

So. Last night Jon picked me up from work. We left before 5:30 which means that I left work early so I could spend a nice evening with Jon. We got home at 7.

At Carnegie Hall, the station agent announced that the N, R and W line was not running at all due to a signal problem somewhere in Queens. When we ascended from the 57th and 7th street station, our plan was to walk through Manhattan, over the 59th Street bridge and then home. That would have taken at least two hours. But instead, Jon had a brilliant idea. We took the F train at 57th and 6th to Long Island City and walked home from the 21st station instead.

The weather was nice so it turned out to be a lovely walk and we did have a lovely evening afterall. But the first hour of trying to get home was pretty stressful.

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