March 03, 2006


American Idol - Results Show
Aired - March 2, 2006

The following contestants were sent home after receiving the least amount of votes: Brenna, Gethers, Heather Cox, Sway and David Radford. I muted the television when they sang their farewell performances.

Brenna Gethers used her dismissal from the show as a promotional opportunity, asking people sign her and make some money - while Ryan Seacrest was telling her that she lost. That's chutzpah.
Morning Commute
This morning's delays could certainly have been experienced as spirit-crushing, had it not been for my second installment of The Strand Magazine - 12 issues of SHERLOCK HOLMES adventures brought to the viewing public by Stanford University. I read about a free offer by Stanford University for interested readers at back in November and signed up for it immediately. It's wonderful. And I'm so excited because I get to read his stories the same way a Victorian audience would have - in periodic installments. I read my first one yesterday and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I recommend you sign up for this experience - which you can do here.

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