March 15, 2006

Here's NY Pollution in your Eye

This evening as I was walking home a gust of wind blew a large piece of pollutant in my eye. It was so painful it stopped me cold. I pulled into the fruit and vegetable stand outside of our local Tradefair to gather myself. When the pain was half way gone, I continued home. It took an hour for my eye to clear up to its normal level of bloodshot.

I was walking home from the NY Sports Club - that place where I used to work out. I liked it while I went and I've had some good workouts there but the last few times I've been there, I've noticed that the high price of membership does not do the job one would hope of keeping out the psychos. There a few nutjobs from the neighborhood working out there on a regular basis now. Going there isn't as much fun as it was when I first joined because it became so popular. It's the cleanest club in the area meaning TOO MANY PEOPLE for this misanthrope. And it's expensive. Hella expensive.

If I'm going to pay that much I want a little more room to stretch and breath and lift and sweat.
The sad truth is that as expensive as that club is at $70 a month, it's not even close to being as pricey as some of the higher end clubs in NYC.

So, tonight I cancelled my membership. My membership ran out in January but I was still a member - being billed - because I didn't go down to the club and give my 30 days notice that I didn't want to continue my membership. When I joined, I was warned by my then private trainer that NYSC does that - rolls you over to a monthly membership until you sign something that says you don't want to renew. So - my membership is good until April 14th and I will still get billed April 1st but at a pro-rated rate.

But I'm considering joining a cheaper gym or just hitting the new local yoga studio if that isn't already so crowded I can't even lay down a mat.

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