March 14, 2006

Mondays - My Favorite Day?

Mondays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week.

You're probably wondering how that could be. It's Tuesday and you still haven't shaken off that magic weekend dust that keeps you feeling a little groggy.

But my husband doesn't have to work on Mondays and since he works nights this is becoming a special event.

Last night, Jon picked me at my office and we hung out in the city. First we walked down to the Barnes and Noble on Union Square North. This is my favorite of all the NYC B&N locations because at Union Square B&N took over an old building. Because there are four floors it never seems really, really crowded. We bought a book for the house - Hey. It's That Guy published by the good people (or person) at FameTracker. We also picked up the deluxe edition of Midnight Cowboy. We had the option of staying for a reading by Macaulay Caulkin but we decided against it.

Instead, we walked over to one of my favorite NY eateries, Mayrose Comfort Food. In New York City you can't help but run into celebrities. If there isn't one giving a reading to promote his new crappy book, there will probably be one sitting two tables down at Mayrose. While we were waiting for our food, Joe Franklin walked in with a posse of two. More of a local NY celebrity he used to host The Joe Franklin Show, originally aired on WWOR - now UPN. By the end of each show all the guests would usually be talking to each other - guests would range from a guy who collected potato chips that looked celebrities to major movie stars. I later learned from Jon that he is also famous for having one of the messiest offices in television.

He was great talkshow host - one of the originals and I always enjoyed listening to him because of his great voice. Last night, he looked good but he has still aged quite a bit. I think he's in his 80's now. I couldn't believe how little he is - probably why he went into broadcasting.

The night ended when Jon and I watched the pilot episode of Big Love, HBO's new serial drama about a polygamist. There are some pretty heavy hitting character actors in this one - Jeanne Triplehorne, Harry Dean Stanton, Bill Paxton, Bruce Dern - to name some. It was okay. The show certainly gives you enough information upon which to build a season of possibly interesting stories? I don't know. There was something a little stilted about the show - the writing may not be as good as some of HBO's other knockout serials but we'll see.

It's always nice to spend the evening with my husband.

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