February 04, 2005

A Word From Friday

Hi. My name is Friday and without sounding too egotistical, I am the most popular day of the work week. My colleague Monday will make the argument that he is the most popular based on the number of people getting up and going places early in his day. But Monday doesn't take into consideration that people don't enjoy doing this. Monday also doesn't do anything to make people happy. Monday is unrelenting and stands alone as the one day when people groan upon hearing their alarm clocks summoning them to their respective responsibilities.

Friday, as in me, myself and I, is the day when most people get up with enthusiasm. They face me with the kind of attitude that says, "HEY. ONCE I GET THROUGH FRIDAY, I'LL BE DONE FOR THE WEEK." Monday can not say that it enjoys this luxury, because once people get through Monday they have the rest of my work week colleagues to face.

I can confidently say that I AM THE MOST POPULAR DAY OF THE WEEK - even more popular than Thursday, with it's Thursday night television line up and day before Friday status. People will never tire of me as they do when Thursday night starts showing reruns. Fridays are always FRIDAY. Friday, in most cases, will always be the last day of the work week.

Perhaps, I'm using the phrase "last day of the work week" too much but what can I say? It is the one and only reason why I am the most popular day of the work week.



SHOVE IT WEDNESDAY, aka Hump day. . .sheesh. Honestly, you call yourself a day?


People of the world. Embrace Friday. I am your leader and as your leader I promise that I will always remain the last day of the work week.

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