February 21, 2005

Winter is Back

Winter is back in force. Today was cold and damp and overcast.
Thanks to the holiday, I got to enjoy another Monday off with Jon.
I don't want this to become a wedding blog, so it won't become one. We started putting together some lose ideas for our wedding and it's hard. After about an hour of discussion, which I know isn't that much, we decided on a place where we can hold both the ceremony and the reception. We have a copy of The Knot's wedding planning book. That's somewhat helpful. Discussions with people who have had weddings is turning out to be the best help.
After discussing the wedding, I watched American Idol - men only. 12 men performed for the TV audience - 6 will be voted to stay. Tomorrow night 12 women will perform. The winners will be announced on Wednesday night. Guess what I'm doing the next two nights.

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