February 22, 2005

Back To Work

Today was a great day. I worked on a mailing the entire morning. I never thought I'd be thankful to be working on another mailing but I am. It's easy work that occupies a large amount of time. When one is doing a mailing, often one is not responsible for anything else. So for about 6 hours today, my sole responsiblity was the folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping of one of our clients' newsletters.

Later in the day, I got organize previous press releases with the help of a plastic see thru sleeves and a loose leaf binder. I also edited a press release for another client and updated a letter for my boss.

I was also simultaneously entertaining the four year old daughter of my co-worker. The four year old is off from school this week and her babysitter has a broken leg, so I'll be seeing a lot of her this week. She just couldn't be any cuter. I asked her to draw me a picture of an elephant. She didn't work on it until the end of the day. When she did finally get around to it she drew me on the back of a big elephant in and her on the back of a little elephant. When I have a chance I'll scan it and post it. It's the most amazing picture I've ever seen a young child draw. Usually four year olds draw those potato people with sticks and arms for legs. This picture had proportion, smiley faces, and enough information to let you know what she wanted to convey - two happy people riding on the backs of two happy elephants. I was flattered.

She didn't say a word to me the whole day but was following me around everywhere. What a day.

Now I'm pooped. Mailings are tiring. Maybe next time I'll sit down. But that wouldn't work because it's faster to do the mailing when you're standing - something about being able to twist a the waist.

But I go on. . . you probably don't give a sh*t about the proper technique for putting together a mailing but if you ever need any advice, you know where to reach me.

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