February 07, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

I've been holding Monday off all day. He wanted to write a rebuttal to Friday's harsh critique but I thought it would kill the fun mood we were all in today. So instead, I tied Monday up and locked him in the closet.
Superbowl Sunday.
Jon and I went to T.A.B.'s house for a superbowl party but due to strict restrictions outlined on his website I did not make any visual record of the evening. I can tell you that people were excited about the game. Why wouldn't they be. The game was great, suspenseful up until the last 2 minutes. T.A.B. has a 60 inch television and he was not afraid to use it. He also gave us a great spread. Chips, dips, pizza, cold cuts. . .it was awsome. I'm hungry just thinking about.

I did take pictures before and after tho.

Here I am standing in front of a large bobble head of a famous baseball player although I couldn't tell you which one. This store is full of sports fan paraphernelia and enormous bobble heads.

Here is a shot I took waiting for Sarah outside of Port Authority. It is the new 42nd Street. Some might say it's a sad statement about how New York is changing. Others, like me, might say it's nice to be able to walk down 42nd street without someone reciting you a list of drugs, a to z, every three minutes.

Here are pictures of the busride home. Pictured are Sarah, The Wounded Liberal, My Urban Kvetch, Wes, and Phil. Also pictured are Barry and Rachel who's blogs are forthcoming.

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