February 16, 2005

Liza Minelli

It is unusually warm today. Spring has sprung early. I don't like when the seasons don't behave the way they are supposed to. Normally, February is the most miserable month of a New Yorker's year. Not this February. Today it's 50 degrees outside.

Liza Minelli is performing live this week at the Westbury Music Fair.

Is anyone actually going to see her?
I attended the LOVE SUCKS edition of Tuesday Night Trivia. Our team, Saffron Dreams, tied for first. One of the hosts made an example of me by announcing our engagement. The crowd barely reacted because most of them don't know us. Of course, the host was making an angry example of us because the LOVE SUCKS theme was for those who are angry at the Valentine's Day institution.

If it weren't for my amazing sense of humour I may have been embarrassed.
I've got the Tony Danza show on - part of the soundtrack of my day. This morning's activity is sorting and doing laundry. I need something like the Tony Danza show to help me separate the whites from the colors. It keeps me going. Gets my energy up. Motivates me.

Not really. I'm lying becuase he's a nice guy with a lame show and I was trying to find something positive about this experience but there really isn't anything here. He's just not a great talk show host but at least he's working. He doesn't stop trying and there is something to that.
There are people who don't like The Gates. They say it's because The Gates get in the way of all the nature in Central Park. Well, I say to them. . .it's just for another 12 days. Soon Central Park will be bereft of life - gray and miserable.

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