February 10, 2005

Thursday is Trumpday

The Apprentice
Two teams produced two ads for Donny Deutsch to promote some DOVE product or the other (that's two tie-ins, thank you very much.) Both teams made commercials that sucked so bad that both had to see The Donald in the Boardroom. Final tie-in of this and every episode is the huge YAHOO HOTJOBS banner on the taxis that pickup the ejected, dejected and rejected apprentices. Tonight was no different.

I don't know what kind of 30 second commercial Donald Trump and Donny Deutsch expected either team to produce. Neither really had the experience and they certainly didn't have the time.

These tests don't always accurately measure the abilities of the teams and their members. They are unfairly difficult.

The tie-ins are excessive but indeed a lesson in advertising and product placement.

Will I watch again next week? Absolutely. I'm hooked. Mark Burnett is a genius. Is he looking for an apprentice? I want to be a contestant on THAT SHOW.

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