February 21, 2005

Happy Birsday Mista Pwez ee dent

To which great man do we owe this day off? I don't know - some dead guy, some former President. Does it really matter? It's a Monday OFF!!!! I worked out like mad this weekend. GO ME!!! I also had fun this weekend. GO ME!!!!!

Part of the fun was taking pictures. GO ME!!!!
Did you know that one of the most patriotic New York neighborhoods in the city is Astoria, Queens? In this part of the world, where over 120 different languages are spoken and one can find more cultural diversity than any where else in America, patriotic symbols can be found everywhere;

in the names of the stores,

on the front doors of businesses,

hanging from building entrances,

and even on the shelves of the 99 cent stores that seem to dominate the area.

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