February 04, 2005

So, I accepted a new job. "What's that?", you may be asking in a shocked tone. "Didn't you just start a new job?" The answer to that is YES. I did. The job I just accepted is one I interviewed for back in November, the day after I lost my old job. As you may recall, I had scheduled the interview before getting fired. Anyway, I really liked the job and really wanted it. Then I went back for a second interview and thought the job was mine. At that point, it wasn't. So, I took off a couple of weeks, started the job I have now and took a third interview a few weeks after starting the new job. At the third interview I got the job and I'll start in a couple of weeks.
I"m watching 20/20 - Caught on Tape. They are running the third segment which is about people's home sex videos. All I have to say about this controversial issue is this.


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