February 26, 2005

City Crab

Last night, Sandra and I had dinner at the most wonderful restaurant in New York City. . . City Crab. We met to discuss the thing that I don't want this blog to become about. Okay. Fine. I might as well say it. We met to discuss the wedding. We each ate something that was brutally delicious from their fantastic menu. Sandra had the crabcakes with a side of yummy roasted potatoes. I chose something from the Friday night specials - Monkfish served on a bed of the nicest paella ever. The chorizo popped with flavors, the shrimp was fresh, the clams didn't make me sick and the scallops were brilliant. For dessert we shared the coconut parfait with sauteed pineapples. The place is great. They serve seafood appetizers at the bar. It's also the locale of my first seriously romantic date with Jon in 2003.

Just so the legend of our relationship remains true, I will tell you that our actual first date took place at Republic, that great trendy noodle house inUnion Square. It was after this date that we both decided to keep on seeing each other.

Thank you so much for dinner Sandra. I had a wonderful time.

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