February 15, 2005


I have to change the name of this website because I don't feel like a misanthrope anymore. I'm engaged to the best guy in the world, I have plenty of friends, I just left a good job for another, I quit smoking and I'm working out regularly. My life is going well.
The elliptical machine makes working out at the gym more enjoyable than any other machine I have ever used. In 30 minutes I walked/jogged a little over two miles and burned over 300 calories. To say I was downhearted when I discovered my shin splints is an understatement. However, they were a blessing in disguise. I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something on the elliptical machine. On the treadmill, I was just walking, which is something I do all the time and find boring. The E.M. requires a certain amount of concentration and doesn't ever get boring.

Also, I'm finding that runner's high I used to get when I would ride my bicycle like a maniac on the boardwalk in Long Beach. It's downright relaxing is what it is.

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