February 09, 2005

The Godfather - Excerpt

Stuck in the tunnel for no apparent reason on the 7 train, I pulled out The Godfather and started reading. I only made it through the first few pages but I'm already intrigued.

Here, Mario Puzo introduces his readers to Sonny Corleone.
His face was that of a gross Cupid, the features even but the bow-shaped lips, thickly sensual, the dimpled cleft chin in some curious way obscene. He was built as powerfully as a bull and it was common knowledge that he was so generously endowed by nature that his martyred wife feared the marriage bed as unbelievers once feared the rack. It was whispered that when as a youth he had visited houses of ill fame, even the most hardened and fearless putain, after an awed inspection of his massive organ, demanded double price.

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