February 25, 2005

It Snowed

The Northeast received a God size helping of snow last night. I looked out the window and saw that today was going to be cold and damp.
I'm tired this morning. I watched the Apprentice twice last night. Once at 8 and then later on tape with Jon. Last night's episode contained this bit of wisom from Donald Trump, no doubt learned in one of his classes at Wharton.

"Shut up and listen." He explained that this is the best way to learn things from people.

So now you're thinking that's profound, so simple and obvious a child could have figured that out. Yet the project manager from the STREET SMARTS team (those contestants that don't have college), didn't listen to anyone and led her team straight to a loss. She was also steeped deep in denial. Several people on her team, at her initial meeting told her that her idea was wrong, yet she didn't listen. Nor did she listen to the people for whom they were creating a graffiti ad in Harlem. Yet she claimed right until her taxi cab interview that no one told her she was on the wrong track and blamed her team for a failure that was obviously her own.

How did the BOOK SMARTS (those with college) team win? The project manager not only listened to the client and to his team, but surveyed people in the neighborhood to see what would be the most effective GRAFFITI advertisement for the product whose name I won't mention because it received enough publicity last night.** I have mixed feelings about this approach. While he applied a little common sense by getting ideas from other people, he didn't show much in the end of creativity.

But in the end it wasn't about creativity or artistry. In the end the task was about delivering the product in the most effective way to the requirements laid out by the client. In the end, it was another ridiculous episode.
**Sheez Louise, D. Trump said the name of the product 9 times while explaining the task to the contestants during the beginning of the show.

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